Experience "The Eye of The Photographer"

At CottageLife Spring Show March 27-29 - International Centre @ Pearson Airport

Kiss of spring

"Winter on the North Branch"
Composition - Exposure - Post Production Techniques - Delivering The Wow Factor

As sophisticated as camera's have become they still fall short of the capability of the human eye. Experience "The Eye of The Photographer". More than a snapshot - It"s Candid by Cameron Photo Art. From the composition, to the exposure to special post production process Scott Cameron Photography brings the capture closer to what his eye actually experienced. You see into the shadows. The detail is tack sharp. The depth is opened and lifted. The WOW FACTOR delivered is the emotion of the moment when the photo art was seen through "The Eye of the Photographer". Scott Cameron delivers more than a snapshot, its CandidCameron Photo Art experienced by "The Eye of The Photographer.

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St. Andrews Golf Course

TheGolfGallery.ca has been moved to CandidCameron.com in keeping with our plans to incorporate all of our photography in this one location. You can still enter the site by using TheGolfGallery.ca web address and you will notice it has it's own button (above) for easy entry. Gallery content of feature courses has already begun. Please be patient as our spectacular panoramic golf photography continues to be added. Join those golfers who have found a panoramic golf photo to add the WOW factor to their office/games-room decor. Simply contact by email let us know your selection.